The Contemporary Surrealist Artist



Award-winning artist Anthony R. Brass is best known for his surreal “hand trees,” capturing a coalescence of body parts into ecological entities. His work often seems to grow beyond the frame. He desires to enlighten peoples’ lives and share the beauty the universe has to offer. Brass puts emphasis on a vibrant color pallet, surreal subject matter and shows illustrative tendencies. His work has been described as being very thought-provoking in an uncanny, yet beautiful manner.  

Brass spent his childhood creating art in Warren, Michigan. He later went on to obtain a degree in graphic design from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, in which he graduated with cum laude honors. Currently, Brass lives with his inspiring partner Espacia Fotiu, (a mixed media expressionist)  in their modest, plant-filled studio in Ferndale, Michigan.

Photo compliments: Deb Jacques  of C&G Newspapers, The Woodward Talk



There is so much to life that we do not understand and it seems difficult to imagine we ever will. From the connections we share with the cosmos, to the vast networks of communication in the forest and the power we contain with in our own thoughts. I bring these discussions to life and showcase the deeper existence of the realm we live in, yet don't fully understand. Using a diverse arsenal of creative methods, I aim to enlighten peoples's lives and demonstrate the consciousness of the forest by illuminating sagas of the "Wood-Wide-Web". I hope to give people a deeper appreciation for the forest and all life existing on this priceless planet. 


I work with acrylic paint because of it's versatility and stress free qualities. Re-purposed wood is my preferred surface to paint on. I work with the wood grain and knots to guide my creative hand. This allows me to coexist with the trees natural beauty, highlighting it's elegance along side my own aesthetic. 


It is impossible to capture the grace of nature, entirely. However, keeping an unrestricted hand and mind is my best attempt at exposing the unfathomable multiplex of nature. Each painting suggests a natural unraveling, similar to the way fungal networks transmit messages from one tree to the next, or how a tiny patch of land can be full of life acting as a super organism, or the way our own feet and hands can leave an altering indentation upon the soil we occupy. The main message and goal with my work is to spread a world where everyone is flourishing while coexisting with a healthy planet.  






Photo compliments: Deb Jacques  of C&G Newspapers, The Woodward Talk